Blogueurs en captivité – English

Folie/Culture is addressing the theme Alienated of Every Country, Unite ! A concept of historically strong connotation, alienation is nevertheless a fiercely contemporary idea. To mental alienation – a break between « the alienated » and the world – is added social alienation, where the individual is most often dispossessed of his own will, or even of the outside world.

As part of its project Blogueurs en captivité, the organization is exploring this theme in relation to information technology. On the Place du Citoyen (Sagunenay), two artists, set up in two Plexiglas cages placed back to back, are exposed to the view of passersby. At the same time that our artists are confined to their impermeable bubbles, they are feeding a blog that calls out over the Web: Alienated of the world, unite!

In a way that is both ironic and contradictory, we want to introduce the usually solitary creative work of the blogger into the urban fabric. Blogs are being created in English and French thereby focusing on the « universal” notion of the theme.

True to form, with Blogueurs en captivité Folie/Culture are innovating by bringing invited artists together to work around the theme of alienation while exploring interdisciplinary artistic practices. As with a good part of our programming, this intervention is being presented in a context that is meant to destabilize and enchant our artists and the public.

Finally, with this action, we are happy to instigate an encounter between a confirmed artist, Alain-Martin Richard, and an up-and-comer, Stéfanie Tremblay.

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