Alain-Martin Richard – English

(invited by Folie/Culture)
Alain-Martin Richard lives and works in Quebec. Manoeuvre and performance artist, he has presented his work in North America, Europe, and Asia. At the same time, he pursues work as curator, critic, and essayist. He has published articles in numerous journals on theatre, performance, installation, and on manoeuvre art. Member of the former group Inter/Le Lieu and The Nomads, he is still active with Les Causes perdues and Folie/Culture. His productions are often deployed on multiple planes of reality as in Atopie textuelle (2000), Le chemin pour Rosa (2006), and Le bloc que j’habite, presented at the Manif d’art 2014.
His latest productions find their roots in the local community and always incorporate unique aspects of what he calls the « human landscape. » It is worth noting how each time the social aspect expands into the public space with its political, economic, and libidinal overtones.

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