Invitation: Minute Vidéo 2019

Deadline: March 31, 2019

Folie/Culture invited all professional and non-professional artists, organization members, friends, and social workers to engage in a unique experience of reflection by creating a one-minute video on the theme Walk on Eggshells!


Walk on Eggshells! is an untenable injunction: ultimately, it demands total immobility. Folie/Culture has decided to explore the new censorship being fostered by a humanity that fears itself. An investigation into why we willingly agree to chaff against coarse surfaces, smile wanly at confrontation, issue condemnations a priori and banish humanity’s less fathomable aspects even further into the shadows.

Walk on Eggshells! is a prohibition against existence for those whose task it is to shape, by feel, the elusive beast of human becoming. Creation is thus denied to creators, and healing denied to the sick. This forced march keeps us in line, abolishing the possibility of becoming-other. Just imagine the impact on those who must navigate the torments of unstable mental health.

When absurdity has swallowed up common sense, it is time to deploy irony, humour and derision. Folie/Culture invites artists to break sacred eggs to make the most palate-shocking of omelettes.


The Minutes Vidéo submissions selected will be screened at a public event as part of our 2019-2020 programming. For more information about the theme Walk on Eggshells!, click here


There was two ways you could participate:

OPTION A: Submit a story, documentary or art video
Create a video on the Walk on Eggshells! theme
Form: one single-sequence shot
Duration: 1 minute, continuous
Accepted formats: .mov or .avi, uncompressed
Note: No editing (image, sound, credits, etc.) is permitted

OPTION B: Submit an animated video or GIF
Create an animated video or GIF on the Walk on Eggshells! theme
Only original or royalty free music is permitted
Accepted formats: .mov or.avi, uncompressed, or .gif


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