Appel de propositions

Call for proposals: Gardez cette porte fermée.

Folie/Culture invites you to submit projects under the three components of its 2024–2025 program on the theme Gardez cette porte fermée.When told to “keep this door closed,” the more conventional among us will move on without questioning anything about the instruction or the entity that gave it. Curious souls will find themselves absorbed by the mystery, wondering what could be behind the door. The contrarians will simply blow off the hinges, no matter what the risk—fuck security. As for the mad… they’ll look for other ways of getting in and going around the instruction.

Folie/Culture invites the curious, the contrarians, and the mad to explore the theme Gardez cette porte fermée. from every angle. After all, behind that door, a world of questions awaits. Choosing to open or close it is more than just a physical action: it’s a political one, too. It shines a light on current issues like immigration and cohabitation. It’s an invitation to explore ideas like suspicion, insecurity, individualism, and segregation. As a wall between personal property and community, it’s an opportunity to discuss trust, the concept of a “safe space,” the struggle to ask for help, and the need for comfort and human connection. Standing on the threshold, you can see the people who were left behind, those who live on the margins, making us consider what is left of their agency. Folie/Culture notes that keeping the door closed is a way of staying safe, but it’s also giving up the opportunity to see what might emerge from the unknown.

Minute vidéo 2024
Since 2000, Folie/Culture has been celebrating video art with its emblematic event, the Minute vidéo. Known and unknown artists, family and friends, members and workers in the social and artistic milieus are invited to engage in a unique experience: produce a minute-long video that explores our theme. The Minute vidéo aims to serve as a catalyst for consideration and awareness. This initiative allows Folie/Culture to share a singular vision of the realities of mental health issues while using an original approach to raise awareness in different situations.

Participants are invited to create a one-minute fictional, essay, or art video filmed in a single shot. The chosen Minutes vidéo will be played during a public event in the summer of 2024. Selected projects will be given a $154 artist fee.
OPTION A: Create a fictional/art video or documentary
– Produce a video on the theme of Gardez cette porte fermée.
– Format: Single long take
– Duration: 1 minute, uninterrupted
– Accepted formats: uncompressed .mov or .avi
– Note: No editing (images, sound, credits) permitted.
OPTION B: Animated video or GIF
– Produce an animated video or GIF on the theme of Gardez cette porte fermée.
– Duration: 1 minute
– Only original or royalty-free music is permitted.
– Accepted formats: .gif or uncompressed .mov or .avi

Artistic project
Folie/Culture is very fond of tap dance solos by barefooted vagrants, straitjacket catwalks, apnea hymns, and other reckless practices. As such, it invites artists, curators, authors, and collectives alike to submit project proposals. As part of its mission, the organization supports interdisciplinarity and practices that encourage reflection on mental health issues.

For its 2024–2025 program, themed Gardez cette porte fermée., Folie/Culture is looking for solo, group, or curated exhibitions, installations, performance art, intervention art, guerrilla art, or other artistic projects for a showing in the fall of 2024. Note that we do not have an exhibition space or production equipment. Instead, we encourage collaboration with Quebec City locations and organizations or the use of atypical locations.

Folie/Culture will provide:
– Support for the coordination, creation, and promotion of the project;
– Exhibition, reproduction, or performance rights;
– Assistance in obtaining the necessary permits and authorizations;
– Photography;
– Other support, depending on needs and available resources.

Send us your proposal in your preferred format (text, visual, or audio), along with:
– An explanation of your project (up to 500 words);
– An explanation of how your project fits with the organization’s mission and the theme of Gardez cette porte fermée. (up to 500 words);
– An explanation of your artistic practice (up to 250 words);
– An explanation of your support needs and/or the steps and timeline involved in creating your project;
– Images and their description (up to 10) and/or links;
– Any other elements relevant to your project.

Accepted formats: PDF, MP3, MP4 (5 minutes max), JPG, website links

Cahier Folie/Culture
Since 1990, the Cahier Folie/Culture—real enterprises in interdisciplinary creation—have sought to bring life to artistic propositions around a given theme. In fact, they explore as much visual creation as they do literary and auditory. They’re a chance for recognized artists and “certified crazies” to connect. Applying a common treatment to everyone prevents stigmatization and allows for the construction of an alternative expression by mimicking an art book.
The look of these Cahiers is the fruit of research defined by Folie/Culture’s programming committee based on the chosen theme. Artefact? Objet d’art? The Cahiers Folie/Culture are unclassifiable… as they should be! These objects are surprising, to say the least. They offer themselves up to be considered, touched, looked at, read, and also heard.
Folie/Culture is looking for reproducible works of all kinds to include in its next Cahier F/C on the theme Gardez cette porte fermée. Its physical form is yet to be determined, so all mediums and formats are accepted: paintings, drawings, audio and video art, small objects, essays, stories, poetry, and more. Compensation will be determined with the chosen artists based on the piece’s size and the means of reproduction.

Send us your proposal in your preferred format (text, visual, or audio), along with:
– A description of your proposed piece (title, year, dimensions, materials or techniques, etc.);
– An explanation of how your piece fits with the organization’s mission and the theme of Gardez cette porte fermée.;
– An indication of whether the piece has been published or displayed before. If applicable, provide a history of its publication or display;
– Images and their description (up to 10) and/or links;
– Any other elements relevant to your project.

Accepted formats: PDF, MP3, MP4 (5 minutes max), JPG, website links

To simplify the collection of proposals, please send your completed file to by March 14, 2024, at 11:59 p.m.
The instructions are:
– Send one email for each proposal.
– Email subject: Gardez cette porte fermée. Component (Minute vidéo, artistic project, or Cahier F/C)
– Body of the email: Provide your full name or pseudonym, your pronouns, and the city where you live and work.

Files submitted after the deadline will be disregarded.

Folie/Culture strongly encourages artists whose identities and/or practices are under-represented in the art world to submit proposals. Candidates who are unable to provide the requested material in the recommended format may contact the team to discuss a custom submission agreement.

Please email or call 418-649-0999 for more information.