Savoir [rien] faire

The notions of “knowing”, “making” and “doing” are often tied to the idea that productivity is mandatory. Savoir [rien] faire rejects that imperative and explores different forms of doing, making, knowing, nothing, doing nothing, Know-how, knowing nothing, nothing doing, making nothing… It’s an invitation to explore unconventional, forgotten, useless, or unproductive forms of knowing, doing and making and their potential for resisting the status quo while encouraging softness and human connections.

Through this theme, Folie/Culture invites artists, thinkers, and citizens to explore how “nothing” can become a disruptive, destructive force for questioning and disarray. “Nothing” isn’t useful. It doesn’t drive the economy, it doesn’t get us anywhere, and it’s just fine with that. “Nothing” is absurd, stupid, foolish, irresponsible, delusional, unbalanced, extravagant, alienating, mad.

“Nothing” is a blank slate, full of potential waiting to be brought to life through madness.