Imposture Show

October 18 to 28, 2018

Folie/Culture continued its reflection not on the post-post era, but on the a-POST-era. For two weeks, from October 18 to 28, 2018, Folie/Culture delved into the uncertain and unexpected, redefining contemporary art by propelling it down unexplored paths.

The post- prefix has become the darling of the universe of concepts: anything outdated, obsolete or simply old is automatically qualified as post-. Indeed, we are entrenched in the hegemony of POST- even though the term itself is supposed to signify a radical break. Post- names nothing new; by merely condemning the past, it leaves us at an impasse.

Driven by the desire to rename the present and to move past post-, artists Charles-Étienne Brochu (Quebec City), Julien Lebargy and Antoine Lortie (Quebec City), Alegría Lemay-Gobeil (Montréal), Maximilien Ramoul (France) and Jean-Michel Rolland (France) explored what we call not the post-post era, but the a-POST- era.

You were invited to discover novel “constructions of the real” that yielded inventive worldviews, proposals that pushed the boundaries of fiction and explorations that merged the banal and the absurd.

Launch of the publication Le Grand Banquet du 33e
This publication focuses on the contributions of the 33 invitees to the Grand Banquet du 33e held in Quebec City in November 2017 to celebrate 33 years of Folie/Culture. Authors Anne-Marie Bouchard (art historian), Ellen Corin (psychoanalyst), André C. Drainville (professor) and Alain-Martin Richard (artist and critic) have provided unpublished texts with original commentary on the 33 contributions.

Imposture Show
October 18 to 28, 2018
Le Local, 783 rue Saint-Joseph Est, Quebec City
Open Wednesday to Sunday, 12:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Vernissage, performance and launch on October 18 at 5:00 p.m.

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