Garde-fou Prize 2010 – Frédérique Laliberté

June 8th and 9th, 2010
Location: Université Laval
Participant: Frédérique Laliberté

Graduates’ Prize
Prix Garde-fou

Always keen to support young creative artists, Folie/Culture granted for the first time a scholarship to a graduate of the fine arts program at Université Laval. The prize was awarded to a person whose work is the result of unusual research and consistent with the mission of Folie/Culture.

The award consists of a cash prize of $400. It will be awarded annually on the occasion of the graduates’ exhibition.

Frédérique Laliberté

Être debout horizontal (Horizontal Standing Up)

Through her polymorphous installation, Frédérique questioned our physical relationship to the world, and our immediate relationships with the environment.
In her tilted house, she placed the interactor (public) in an uncomfortable situation where the notion of space and functionality was challenged. This perception of space, which was extended through the video capture and live retransmission, shook up the senses, thereby destabilizing our understanding of the tangible world.
By this break with the expected, she touched a state of mind that is familiar to people who are losing their bearings, and for whom being adrift is a source of anxiety. Instability was solved through a playful idea, but the question of how people perceive leads directly to the social and aesthetic concerns shared by Folie/Culture.

Frédérique Laliberté’s website