Garde-fou Prize 2015 – Delphine Hébert

May 28th 2015
Prix Garde-Fou 2015: Delphine HébertMind The Gap, Delphine Hébert
Always interested in supporting the creative works of young artists, on May 28, 2015, Folie/Culture awarded the Prix Garde-Fou to Delphine Hébert, a graduating BFA student at Université Laval. For the sixth year running, the $400 cash prize was awarded to a graduating student whose work emerges from an unorthodox research process and reflects Folie/Culture’s mission.

Mind The Gap by Delphine Hébert

Initially, it appears to be a simple hidden camera which projects the images of people walking outside near a large open door. Or is it perhaps a surveillance camera? The answer lies elsewhere, beyond the conventional debates about security systems and the surveillance society.

Through the artist’s sober, precisely calibrated aesthetic, we discover a strong work on identity, perceptions, duplications, intersections and half-lies. Visitors see themselves blurred, evanescent, othered, in a kind of self-tripling. In this world where technology alters the “real,” several questions emerge: What have we become and who are these others? Mind The Gap, instructs the artist. A “gap” can refer to a space, but also a difference. One might understand the title as “See the difference,” a call to examine the inconsistencies between visible reality and its on-screen representation.

Through the Prix Garde-Fou, Folie/Culture recognizes the initiative of a young artist interested in issues of identity and our relationship to others, concerns dear to our hearts at Folie/Culture. Congratulations!

Jury members were Jean-Pierre Guay, Sarah L’Hérault and Céline Marcotte.

The works of Delphine Hébert were exhibited at the Université Laval graduating BFA students’ exhibition, #ARV2015, held at 707 Rue De Saint-Vallier Est, Quebec City (formerly the Lépine-Cloutier funeral home).

Read a text by Jean-Pierre Guay (French only)