Garde-fou prize 2019- Jackson Bradley

May 28, 2019

In keeping with its longstanding commitment to supporting the creative work of young artists, Folie/Culture awarded the Garde-Fou Prize to Jackson Bradley, a graduating BFA student at Université Laval, on May 28.

The $500 award is given annually to a graduating student whose work emerges from an unorthodox and daring research process and reflects Folie/Culture’s mission. The cash prize is accompanied by a critical text on the artist’s work by performing artist and critic Alain-Martin Richard. Here is an excerpt:


Beyond linguistic strategies, Qigéyu presents itself as a proto-dialect keen to experiment with communication. This object of art appears precisely as a fiction that exudes veracity, but only contains formal expression in a perfectly wrapped package–with only sound as its substrate. In order to establish a corpus, it is necessary to abstract ourselves from archeological artefacts and take hold of this mystery as a language aesthetic.


Folie/Culture decided to award the Garde-Fou Prize to Bradley because he dared to reinvent the verb, thus fighting against the confinement created by the inexpressible.

Congratulations, Jackson!

This year’s jury members were Mai Nguyen, stvn girard and Alain-Martin Richard.

Jackson Bradley’s installation was exhibited at the Université Laval graduating BFA students’ exhibition, , which ran May 24 to June 2, 2019, at the University’s art school, Édifice de la Fabrique.

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