Tuesday, for ever

From September 22 to December 14, 2020

In modern times, betokened by confining the insane, by reductions and plantations, even the anonymous would signal their absence. I am not, therefore I think this. Those who were, lived drowned in the miasma of ambient reason. Events were held: a great evening, a revolution, an installation. With faces covered, Black Blocs are the last vanguard of this revolution.

In these crazy times, those most sane understand why they are being confined and why we all wear our masks. Our absence has even ceased to show up. So many things happened, thereby nothing seems impossible to us now. Folie/Culture could do nothing in this climate of embodied absence.

During six times two weeks, an artist in pico-residency will display himself, herself, or not, through different interventions and other artistic proposals. Infrathin actions will happen a little bit everywhere, or nowhere at all, finding their way of reason through the mediation of an author’s pen. Tuesday, being to time what the sewing machine is to the umbrella, seemed to us like the only right time to establish the residencies. Indubitably, everything which shall happen there, or not, will be documented on Folie/Culture’s website.


Hugo Nadeau (Montréal / Tio’tia:ke) | September 22 – October 5

Jules Leloup Mayrand (Montréal / Tio’tia:ke) | October 6 – October 19

éli del (Montréal / Tio’tia:ke)  | October 20 – November 2

Huge Sillytoe (London) | November 3 – November 16

Patrick Demazeau (Paris)| November 17 – November 30

Alegría Gobeil (Montréal / Tio’tia:ke) | December 1 – December 14