Pour toujours, mardi

For Folie/Culture, Tuesdays are notable in their lack of spectacular events. Being timeless, they became a symbol of the current situation . Pour toujours, mardi was born from that strange feeling of an endless nothing. How could art continue in a world like that? Well, maybe it could just carry on as though nothing had happened.

Already unbound from conventional platforms since its inception, Folie/Culture didn’t need to reinvent its methods. In a world where gatherings were no longer possible and Zoom referred to something other than a brand of audio recorder, it seemed inevitable that art should persevere, free from the concept of the spectacle. As a form of resistance against the Tuesday drudgery, six artists were invited to create under the gaze of audiences disseminated across various platforms.

This publication is the result of a pairing between artists and authors. The latter gave free rein to their unique interpretations of the artists’ works, binding themselves to the manifestations of this perpetual Tuesday even as they moved away from them. The result was an atypical form of creative mediation. By acting on the artists’ works, the authors gave life to new textual pieces that could be read either as a conversation with the works they discussed, or as standalone pieces. They offer potential interpretations for each project without attempting to dictate its meaning. Like the timelessness evoked by its title (“Forever Tuesday” in English), Pour toujours, mardi is a way of perpetuating the ephemeral nature of the projects.

With :
Hugo Nadeau / Dalie Giroux / éli del / Sarah Chouinard-Poirier / Huge Sillytoe / al schneider / Patrick DEMAZEAU dit MADE / Jocelyn Robert / Alegría Gobeil / Jacob Wren / Jules Leloup Mayrand / André Éric Létourneau

2022 /// Genre : arts multidisciplinaires et arts visuels, santé mentale
14.5 x 21 cm /// 112 pages couleur
ISBN 978-2-9820316-0-9