March 23rd to June 23rd, 2005
Place: Espace Art et Santé

Participant(s): Upon invitation from the public health agency, Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de la Capitale-Nationale, to present an exhibition at Espace Art et Santé, Folie/Culture conceived a collective creation project along with the photographer, Émilie Baillargeon, from the collective les DéclencheurEs. Seven groups involved in mental health from the Québec City region accepted our invitation to participate in this exercise, which consisted in handing out a disposable camera to the participants, who were expected to capture a certain vision of “normality.” The forty-eight people who responded had to explore the theme of normality in our way of seeing and looking at reality by photographing a tree.

Since the idea of this research was to show how a notion such as normality is subjective, the collective work was made up of all the photographs brought together in a kind of imaginary quilt. The result was an amalgam of trees, each one having its own particular environment; its own particular vision…The result was astonishing.
Collaboration: Agence la santé et des services sociaux de la Capitale-Nationale, Atelier de la mezzanine, Centre communautaire l’Amitié, Centre de croissance Renaissance, Centre de parrainage civique, Centre social de la Croix Blanche, Croissance travail, Le Verger