Oripeaux (2)

May 4th to June 28th, 2006
Place: Comptoir communautaire Saint-Joseph
Bibliothèque Gabrielle-Roy

Participant(s): Christine Ferland, Monsieur Marc, Marie-Claude Poulin, Marie-Dominique Rouleau, Chantale Roy, Marc St-Martin.

Folie/Culture and the designer, Kim Kneipp, presented the clothing created at Les Beaux Habits workshop that was held during the winter of 2006 at the applied arts centre, Maison des métiers d’art de Québec. Made from three-piece suits of neutral colour and shape, the participants’ creations take us along a visual path woven by the supple lines of normalised perception; we are liberated in discovering the possible, hidden behind the stereotype.

June 8 -28 at the Bibliothèque Gabrielle-Roy.
May 4-10 in the window of the Comptoir communautaire Saint-Joseph.
Collaboration: Comptoir communautaire Saint-Joseph, Institut canadien, Maison des métiers d’art de Québec, La Commode, fripes et trouvailles, C.F.P. Wilbrod Bherer, Atelier de la mezzanine