New Artist-In-Residence

Mai 8, 2020

Without a tinge of an oxymoron, we celebrated the assignment of Alegría Gobeil as Folie/Culture’s new artist-in-residence. As Paul Kawczak’s residence came to an end, we carry out this program for a second year.

The program highlights the polyphony of the expression “under house arrest”, on which is based the term “artist-in-residence”, and how it is used in custodial, legal, social, and artistic settings. Today, the experience of house arrest has become so commonplace that it seems almost absurd to assign an artist-in-residence in order to support them for a year. This second edition is not an opportunity to do what is already incumbent upon many of us, but rather an opportunity to support the artist for their research on our theme Walk on Eggshells! We are taking a look at this artist for a year, during which they are invited to search, create or lose oneself as part of our biennial theme.

Alegría Gobeil uses historical or fictitious postures considered unproductive, harmful, unliveable. They articulate their approach based on the myth of the sovereignty of actions and on the critique of the activation of individual liberties, which appear to be automatically emancipatory and subversive in character. In a performative, textual and installative practice that aims at inaction, they constantly return to works, actions and experiences that are psychopathologized and psychiatricized while paying particular attention to the acts that constitute a gendered identity.

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