Programmation 2022-2023

Call for participation: Minute vidéo 2023

Folie/Culture invites one and all—known and unknown artists, family and friends, members and workers in the social and artistic milieus—to engage in a unique experience: produce a minute-long video that explores our theme Savoir [rien] faire.

Participants are encouraged to create one-minute, long-take, fictional/art videos or video essays. La Minute Vidéo seeks to stimulate reflection around mental health concerns. The chosen videos will be shown during a public gala in the summer of 2023.

There are two options for participating:
OPTION A: Create a fictional/art video or documentary
Produce a video on the theme of Savoir [rien] faire
Format: Single long take
Duration: 1 minute, uninterrupted
Accepted formats: uncompressed .mov or .avi
Note: No editing (images, sound, credits) permitted.

OPTION B: Animated video or GIF
Produce an animated video or GIF on the theme of Savoir [rien] faire
Duration: 1 minute
Only original or royalty-free music is permitted.
Accepted formats: .gif or uncompressed .mov or .avi

The notions of “knowing” and “doing” are often tied to the idea that productivity is mandatory. Savoir [rien] faire rejects that imperative and explores different forms of doing, knowing, nothing, knowing nothing, nothing doing, doing nothing… It encourages people to explore unconventional, forgotten, useless, or unproductive forms of doing and their potential for resisting the status quo while encouraging softness and human connections.

Through this theme, Folie/Culture invites artists, thinkers, and citizens to explore how “nothing” can become a disruptive, destructive force for questioning and disarray. “Nothing” isn’t useful. It doesn’t drive the economy, it doesn’t get us anywhere, and it’s just fine with that. “Nothing” is absurd, stupid, foolish, irresponsible, delusional, unbalanced, extravagant, alienating, mad.
“Nothing” is a blank slate, full of potential waiting to be brought to life through madness.

Send your projects:
By mail to:
Folie/Culture Programming Committee
880 rue du Roi, Office 101
Quebec City, QC G1K 2Y2
By email using a Dropbox or WeTransfer link to:

Participants will receive a $150 artist fee.
Folie/Culture encourages members of marginalized communities to submit their projects. Candidates who are unable to provide the requested material in the recommended format may contact the team to discuss a custom submission agreement.

Please email for more information.

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