Life-Nexus Québec

April 18th to 28th, 2000
Place: Musée du Québec, Ateliers de création Folie/Culture, Centre hospitalier Robert-Giffard

Participant(s): Jorge Orta

During the Manif d’art de Québec, Folie Culture organized a series of creation workshops with the Parisian artist, Jorje Orta. From April 18-28, 2000, participants with mental health problems, students in visual arts from Université Laval, and professional artists worked together on a common project.

Based on the theme of the heart, participants produced works that were later exhibited at the Musée de Québec from September 2 to October 15 during the Manif d’art de Québec.

A video on this project was made by Mariette Bouillet and Henri-Louis Chalem and was launched at the Musée du Québec on September 3, 2000.

Collaboration: Ateliers de création Folie/Culture, La Bande vidéo, Centre hospitalier Robert-Giffard, Manif d’art de Québec, Musée du Québec, Université Laval