Faire Manie exhibition on tour

February 3rd – March 18th 2012

Folie/Culture and Gallery Gachet are pround to present Faire manie, featuring art from the Folie/Culture workshop series. It was designed by the artist Josée Landry Sirois as a way for people suffering from mental health problems to express themselves through creating an immense tapestry of obsessions on paper that took the form of drawing, stamping, photocopying, and other media. The Faire manie workshop allowed Folie/Culture to establish their first partnership with the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, and to have its inaugural Vancouver showing at Gallery Gachet.
Each participant were tasked with graphically filling the landscape of paper with their
obsessions and were challenged to replicate the same patterns over and over defining their
own language. This automation and repetition of artistic gesture allowed the emergence of a
new expression of imagination, lyrically and visually expressing the idea of mania.

The exhibition Faire manie presents the collectiion of works by Blar, Yacynthe Couture,
Caroline Dion, Jean Lapointe, Marie-Dominique Rouleau, Shental and Sylvestre.

Josée Landry-Sirois
Josée Landry-Sirois is an emerging artist from Québec City whose art form of preference is
drawing. Influenced both by architecture, urbanism and codified writing, she puts in her works
graphic gestures with great energy where structure and deconstruction live together. Her
work has been presented in numerous collective and solo exhibitions across Canada.

Faire manie creation workshops
The approach of these workshops is unique. Folie/Culture offers to people an experience of
creation which is connected to mental health only by its theme. Thus, no social worker is
present, no therapeutic analysis has its place, only creation takes place. These workshops are
places which allow connection between participants and professional artists. They always take place in locations that stimulate the creation and promote deregulation of social settings. The first workshop was offered at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec and the second at the Maison des métiers d’art de Québec.