Porte-mentaux at the Musée de la civilisation

May 16, 2017
On May 16, Folie/Culture held its Porte-mentaux activity as part of the inauguration of the Musée de la civilisation’s latest exhibition, Cerveau à la folie, which runs until March 11, 2018.

To enliven the occasion with humour and a touch of whimsy, Folie/Culture recreated its Porte-mentaux intervention in which a commando squad of seven people invited museum-goers to enjoy a serving of delicious brains made from edible gelatine, served up on a silver platter. The activity was very well-received by the 200 people present at the opening.

Another Folie/Culture contribution to the exhibition is the publication DSM-V+, dévidoir de symptômes magnifiques, which will be for sale at the Musée de la civilisation gift shop along with Le petit dictionnaire des idées reçues sur la folie et autres considérations.

Hot of the presses: DSM-V+, dévidoir de symptômes magnifiques

DSM-V+, dévidoir de syndromes magnifiques—the title suggests a machine for unfurling a long list of positive mental syndromes—is a publication created by Folie/Culture to document the 2006 event of the same name that brought together participants from six different countries. The publication features a range of novel strategies to “treat” (in the literal and figurative senses) “pathologies of the living,” developed over the course of this epic event through debates, presentations, talks, round tables, screenings, theatre, maneuvers, and festive gatherings. The work offers critical analyses of the intersection of arts and mental health, inspiring a reflection that critically examines past and future perspectives on certain delicate and taboo subjects.

A classic in its field: Le petit dictionnaire des idées reçues sur la folie et autres considérations

With this “best-seller” launched in 2001, Folie/Culture sought to pursue its aims of demystifying and fostering reflection and openness typical of the organization, with a touch of irony to unpack certain a priori assumptions about issues facing people with emotional difficulties. Mission accomplished! The fruit of a long collaborative process between mental health professionals, people with mental health issues, and the editors, the book remains an invaluable reference to spark debate, provoke discussions, and combat prejudice.

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