Les passés troubles

May 28th 2004
Place: Maison de la culture et de l’environnement

Participant(s): Ellen Corin, Guy Sioui Durand, Jean-Ernest Joos, Denys Tremblay.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, Folie/Culture presented Les passés troubles. This event was the opportunity to take stock of the work that Folie/Culture had been doing since 1984. In fact, we invited a psychoanalyst, a philosopher, and an artist to revisit our work and to reflect on our actions, our artistic process, and our view of the relation between art and society. After, these issues were debated in order to provide us with an outside view of our organisation.

A real garage sale was organized for this occasion: the eight editions of the Cahiers Folie/Culture, the CD Radio Folie/Culture, and diverse other documents were sold. Le Petit dictionnaire des idées reçues sur la folie et autres considérations was also available. Testimonials from former collaborators of Folie/Culture were exhibited, and several documents, some of which were from the Galerie d’art virtuelle, could be consulted on site.

The event started with the garage sale, and continued with the projection of the Minute video de Folie/Culture-Prescription, as well as a retrospective video, Les passés troubles, produced by Olivier Coutu-Bolduc, based on the archives that Folie/Culture had accumulated over its 20-year history. Lectures and round tables followed and the day ended on a high note with discussion, a communal meal, requested videos, and the viewing of our Galerie virtuelle exhibition.
Collaboration: Avatar, La Bande vidéo, Pastissimo