Les grands débordements

June 17th and 18th 2005
Place: Parc Saint-Aloysius

Participant(s): Céline Marcotte, Catherine Plaisance.

Folie/Culture presented the artistic intervention, Les grands débordements at the Urbaine Urbanité III event in Montréal. In response to the invitation from the organizers, Folie/Culture spilled out into the Saint-Aloysious Park in an action inspired by the Nef des fous (The Ship of Fools).

The Ship of Fools designated both the boat on which madmen were loaded in order to chase them from the city and the carnivals where, for a whole day, social roles were inversed, and everything was allowed. We inversed the hierarchies as well as the values- an inversion that gave way to excess and irreverence, even vulgarity, when the celebration left the ship, pouring into the streets…

In reference to the internment, Foucault’s “Great Confinement,” which followed the loading up of the mad, Folie/Culture invited the population to give vent to their feelings in texts attached to little paper origami boats, which were then launched on a little pond in the park as a collective liberating gripe session.
Collaboration: Urbaine Urbanité