Les Beaux Habits (2006)

January 24th to April 11th, 2006
Place: Maison des métiers d’arts

Participant(s): Kim Kneipp, Christine Ferland, Monsieur Marc, Marie-Claude Poulin, Marie-Dominique Rouleau, Chantale Roy, Marc St-Martin.

Folie/Culture again offered this clothing design workshop to people who have or have had a problem with mental health.

Based on the imagination of each participant, the creation workshop given by Kim Kneipp had as its objective the deconstruction of a three-piece suit. It was important to keep in mind its emotional baggage and to give it a second life as a mobile, formal, and sculptural object. It allowed the participants to stimulate their imaginations by facilitating the creation of new forms out of used clothing.

Originally from Australia, the designer, Kim Kneipp, earned her diploma from the Sydney Institute of Technology. She has nine years experience in design and in the development and production of ready-to-wear, as well as the in the creation of collections. In 2002, she created her own line of Australian clothing, Prince Billy.
Collaboration: Maison des métiers d’art de Québec, La Commode, fripes et trouvailles