Creative Audio Art Workshop

November and December 2013
Érick d'Orion (photo : Idra Labrie)
Given the success of the audio art workshop in the fall of 2012, Folie/Culture was happy to offer it again in 2013. As always, this workshop was primarily aimed at those who have or have had a mental health problem. Presented in collaboration with the Avatar centre and LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE, the workshop was animated by the artist Érick d’Orion.

For the third time, Folie/Culture proposed a workshop where each participant could learn about audio art and experience an act of creation. Érick d’Orion focused on audio exploration and experimentation by recording ambient sounds. In addition, there was an initiation to the use of the computer and the “voice” as “material,” and to sound transformation using the turntable. The workshop event concluded with a reflection on a final creative project.

All this, of course, happened after an introduction to approaches in sound creation, to different “styles”, which was a nod to historical audio art.

New in 2013! In addition to exploring composition, participants were invited to create new instruments.

Érick d’Orion lives and works in Québec. Not only an audio artist, but also a musician and curator, he directs his artistic practice toward the reinterpretation of certain concepts of art history. An integral part of his installation work is redefining acoustic space and the relationship of the spectator with familiar images. He develops projects where new technologies and audio combine to create works in perpetual development.

Wednesday, November 6, 13, 20, and 27; December 4 and 11, 2013 from 1 to 5 p.m.
Requirements: None, if not enthusiasm
Prerequisite: Must be a member of Folie/Culture (between $5 and $20 depending on your means)
Entrance: It’s free!
Equipment: Supplied
Number of participants: about 8 people
Where: at the premises of Avatar and LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE

Registration deadline: October 30, 2013

For information and registration:
Marie-Pier April, or 418 649-0999