La pensée critique en santé mentale

La pensée critique en santé mentale
Proceedings of the DSM-V +, dévidoir de syndromes magnigifiques

Co-published by Folie/Culture and the Revue Santé mentale au Québec, La pensée critique en santé mentale includes the lectures delivered at DSM –V+, dévidoir de syndromes magnifiques presented in Quebec in October 2006. Bold and unusual, the five lectures made a critical examination of various aspects of mental health practices that are currently under discussion: diagnosis, medication, and the social treatment of mental suffering.

As such, David Cohen discussed the topic of self-medication by examining the practice of prescribing in psychiatry and by suggesting democratic alternatives to the professional control of psychotropes. Patrick Coupechoux asked the question about the relationship between society and madness and showed that the dominant neoliberal ideology transforms the way we look at madness and the mad. On another note, Jörg Blech talked about these new diseases invented by some pharmaceutical companies to sell drugs. Philip Thomas, one of the fathers of British post-psychiatry, demonstrated the subjectivity and assumptions underlying diagnostic classification systems. Finally, Paula Joan Caplan denounced the subjectivity and deeply political character of the way designers of the DSM approached their work.

Critical texts by Yves Lecomte (Revue Santé mentale au Québec), Benoît Côté (Pech) and Doris Provencher (AGIDD-QMS) complete the whole.

ISBN 978-2-9804679-4-3
2008, 149 pages, $ 15

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