La folie dans l’imaginaire québécois

April 23th, 2002
Place: Galerie Rouje

Participant(s): Aude, Alain Beaulieu, Marc Chabot, Ester Croft, Marie-Claude Malenfant.

In Québécois literature, from Emile Nelligan to Victor-Lévy Beaulieu with a nod to Jacques Ferron, we find a departure from the conventional idea of reality through delightfully twisted characters and the depiction of madness. Is there some sort of schizophrenic relationship between the real and the imaginary on the part of a writer? Is there a link between the emotional dynamic of a writer and his creativity? Does a writer carry a structured madness with himself? What is the image of the madman in Québécois literature?

In the context of World Book and Copyright Day, Folie/Culture and PECH organized an evening dedicated to the issue of madness in Québécois literature.
Collaboration: Union des écrivaines québécois, PECH, Galerie Rouje