L’impression des regards – Félix Leblanc

Pssssttt !

56 x 76 cm

Given the success of Manhole Madness, Folie/Culture invited the artists to develop their projects by making a pictorial conception for use in the production of a print from the matrices of the original plate.

Félix Leblanc’s Manhole Cover

Inspired by the manhole cover of the same name, artist Félix Leblanc has made the serigraphy PSSSSTTT! for Folie/Culture. Originally from La Tuque, LeBlanc’s journey has gone off in several directions since he obtained his Bachelor’s degree in visual arts at the Université de Québec in Trois-Rivières in 1998, followed by studies in graphic communications at Université Laval. His work borders on graphics and wild expression.

Over the last few years, Leblanc’s artistic practice has focused on in situ interventions. His favourite medium are paint crayons, ink, and aerosol which he uses to create work based on an amalgam of references, from the caricature of documentary illustration, to pop-art and the comic strip. The artist proposes a playful rereading of the original poster through the use of chromatic variations of the same composition as the one  Folie/Culture  elaborated at the outset. He also works under the name of flexiB. 

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