Kits de manifestation portables

May 1st 2003
Place: Launching at the “Manifestation pour le droit au Bonheur”

Participant(s): ATSA, BGL, Guy Blackburn et Marie-Ange Thériault, Mariette Bouillet et Henri-Louis Chalem, un collectif de l’Atelier de la Mezzanine (Andrée Bourret, Claude Bussières, Deborah, Steven Neill), Cooke-Sasseville, Claudine Cotton, Martin Dufrasne et Sylvie Cotton, Les Fermières Obsédées, Massimo Guerrera.

Following the Summit of the Americas held in Québec in April 2001, Folie/Culture invited Québec artists to produce ten portable and reusable demonstration kits that would provide any person or collective the possibility of demonstrating in an unusual way. With this project, Folie/Culture continued its efforts to merge art and madness. Each of the public performances of one of the “Kits de manifestation” became an engaged travelling exhibition, a sort of visual emblem attesting to the fact that the organization supports a social action which serves a cause that touches it directly or indirectly in its work of awareness-building.
Collaboration: Manifestation Internationale d’Art de Québec