Kit identitaire – Avoir l’air fou

October 24th to 27th 2004
Place: Lille

Participant(s): Annie Frenette, Johanne Tremblay, Céline Marcotte.

Folie/Culture was invited to present an artistic program in Lille at the colloquium “Images and Realties in Mental Health in France and Around the World,” organised by the Collaboration Centre of the World Health Organization for Research and Training in Mental Health.

In France, Folie/Culture described its practices by presenting the artistic intervention Kit-Identitaire- Avoir l’air fou. When perceptions are distorted, what happens to the process of self-identification when it is based in part on the model of others? The model is of course rejected, and the individual puts in place a whole series of self-defensive mechanisms (prejudices, clichés, rejections, and so on) so that there is no identification with the other. Nevertheless, perception is something that can be refined and worked on.
Collaboration: Coginov