Appel de propositions

Invitation to suggest a question for the Survey on Normality

February 9, 2015
Sondage sur la normalité
Folie/Culture invited artists of all stripes— unknown to well-known, crazy or otherwise–to propose a question for the Survey on Normality, which was launched in 2015 on social media.

Using a format similar to typical Facebook polls — What type of wild horse are you? Which country are you? — we ironically offered to help people determine their level of normality. Are you normal-normal? Ordinary-normal? Neutral-normal? Regular-normal? All in the name of inspiring reflection on our theme for the year : Ostentatious Normality.

Ostentatious Normality
Since normality is, by definition, drab, how can it be made ostentatious? Ostentatious normality manifests itself as openness to marginal spaces in various spheres, from sexuality to unacceptable behaviour to cultural fusion to breaking with traditions of all kinds. It is about suggesting mundane, common things in unheard-of ways; in short, to make what would otherwise be unobtrusive and dull wonderfully ostentatious. Against the timid modesty of shy people, we pit the ostentatious jubilation of our misbehavior. Let’s leave nothing in the closet!

The deadline to submit a question was February 9, 2015

Accepted question/answers format:
What do you put on your toast in the morning?
A (normal-normal) Peanut butter
B (ordinary-normal) Margarine
C (neutral-normal) Cheez Whiz
D (regular-normal) None of the above