Invitation: Folie/Culture One-Minute Video 2015

Deadline: March 31, 2015
Image tirée de l'animation Aliénations-Unies issue de l'Atelier d'initiation à la vidéo d'animation. Montage : Ricardo Savard.
Folie/Culture invited everyone—professional and amateur artists, members, family and community workers, and more—to participate in an unusual thought experiment: make a one-minute video on Ostentatious Normality.

Since normality is, by definition, drab, how can it be made ostentatious? Ostentatious Normality manifests itself as openness to marginal spaces in various spheres, from sexuality to unacceptable behaviour to cultural fusion to fractures of all kinds. It is about suggesting mundane, common things in unheard-of ways; in short, to make what would otherwise be unobtrusive and dull wonderfully ostentatious. Against the timid modesty of shy people, we pit the ostentatious jubilation of our misbehavior. There is nothing left in the closet.

The selected One-Minute Videos will be shown at a public screening as part of the 2015–2016 program, in spring 2016.
There were two ways to enter:

OPTION A: Create a one-minute video of any kind—fiction, documentary, art video—on the theme of Ostentatious Normality, in a single uninterrupted take. That’s right: no editing was permitted for the image, the sound, or the credits, and only original or royalty-free music was allowed.
Supported formats: Uncompressed .mov or .avi files

OPTION B: Create a one-minute animated video on the theme: Ostentatious Normality. Only original or royalty free music was allowed.

Supported formats: Uncompressed .mov or .avi files