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Invitation: Introduction to Video Workshop 2015

February 11–13, 2015
Atelier d'initiation à la vidéo
Folie/Culture invited participants to the Introduction to Video Workshop, with priority registration for people who have or have had mental health problems. The workshop, led by artist Eugénie Cliche, ran February 11–13, 2015, in Quebec City, in collaboration with the Musées de la civilisation de Québec.

The participants first took part in a writing workshop led by author Alain Beaulieu. Then, in teams, each participant created a short, continuous shot film. The finished videos will be shown at La Minute Vidéo Folie/Culture 2015, a public screening as part of our 2015–2016 season, in spring 2016.

This year, La Minute Vidéo explored Ostentatious Normality. Since normality is, by definition, drab, how can it be made ostentatious? Folie/Culture suggests dwelling on mundane, common things and making the unobtrusive and dull dazzling. Against the timid modesty of shy people, we pit the ostentatious jubilation of our misbehavior. There is nothing left in the closet.

Workshop program:
Writing workshop with author Alain Beaulieu: Writing exercises, discussions, and creating a script
Video Initiation Workshop with artist Eugénie Cliche: Introduction to the One-Minute Video project, introduction to resource material and techniques specific to video, filming and production