October 28th to November 14th 1999
Place: Galerie Rouje

Participant(s): pierre hamelin, Jeanne Randolph.

Folie/Culture asked pierre hamelin to create an exhibition based on the theme of instability. His answer was Instatique. His half-organic, half-industrialized sculptures created conflict between the rigid structure and the organic form, the animate and the inanimate, the stable and the unstable. The artist used materials which were marked, rejected, affected, and altered, a reminder of the characteristics of people taken out of circulation.

As well, it was the occasion to produce the sixth issue of the Cahier Folie/Culture, also on the theme of instability. Is instability a form of mental disorder? Stability is based on centralizing strategies that promote the straight and narrow, while instability makes an individual difficult to pin down. Carved in stone or fluid like the ocean? This sixth Cahier was launched at the opening of the exhibition.

For the occasion, Folie/Culture launched its sixth Cahier and invited Jeanne Randolph to perform Les instabilités de Sigmund Freud.
Collaboration: Galerie Rouje