Faisons comme si

May 28 2020 at 8:00p.m.

Our event Zip, tada ! would have taken place last April 23 but did not come to life because of the current global circumstances. It was replaced by Faisons comme si, which is an online reinterpretation, rather than a “by-default” event.

This event marks the transition from a society that values certain liberties to a time when everyone is walking on eggshells. The injunction that Folie/Culture called for in the early days of its biennial theme Walk on Eggshells! could never have been given such a broadened context. On street corners and in grocery stores, we are walking on eggshells more than ever while rambling on about the current situation. Let us pretend for a moment that we are all together and act as if nothing has changed.

Faisons comme si was an opportunity, among other things, to mark the end and the beginning of our artist-in-residence program (which seems tinged here with an oxymoron), to view the selected Minutes Vidéo 2020, and to appreciate various interventions by guest artists.

With the participation of:

– Paul Kawczak
– Alegría Gobeil
– Nadège Grebmeier Forget
– Li Zhu
– Alain-Martin Richard
– And all the artists selected for the Minute vidéo 2020:

Fannie Giguère and Mathieu P. Lapierre, Alexandre Demard, arkadi lavoie lachapelle, Teresa Leung, Tristan Lajarrige, Philip Gagnon, Annabelle Guimond-Simard and Maxime Dugas, Marie-Suzanne Désilets, Mik Landry, Toly AK , Danick Lizotte and André Marceau, Michael Lonchar, Wazak, Eve Poyet Caterin