Extase, un chien écrasé qui scintille

FRIDAY MARCH 16, 2012 at 8 pm
FRIDAY MARCH 16, 2012 at 8 pm

(280, Saint-Joseph Est, Québec)

Folie/Culture continued its reflection on spirituality, religion, and the quest for the meaning of life with Extase, un chien écrasé qui scintille. A real relationship emerged between this reflection and performative practices. At times aesthetic, dangerous, crazy or simply narrative, performance always required a leap into the depths of the psyche. In both cases, the body was the only vehicle of research that transcends the rational. Folie/Culture called upon these stunt artists of the arts to open new breaches in the real so that we could catch a glimpse of the unfathomable depths of the possible.

Belinda Campbell (Montréal)
Bonnes boucles!

The Bonnes boucles! performance reveals a character struggling with her loneliness and her sexuality. It is the tragic clown constantly moving between the laughable and vulnerable. Alone with his video camera, he films his narcissistic transformation. The burlesque and humorous rub shoulders with a complex form of meditation, violence, and melancholy.

Olivier de Sagazan (France)

As part of the series of performances entitled Transfiguration from 2001, he transforms, disfigures, and breaks down his own silhouette. By revealing a brutish being and echoing this part of animality, Transfiguration is also a hymn to life: a profound reflection on the human condition remains rooted in the process of this artist.

Excerpts from the performance Transfiguration by Olivier de Sagazan

Caroline Marois (Québec)

In a performance combining dance and theatre, Caroline Marois explores in Scare the phenomenon of self-mutilation. The artist relies on the poeticization of the gesture through dance, where the images of physical attraction and repulsion are exploited. It attempts to represent the process of satisfaction and inner motivations that underlie the practice of altering her body as a reflection of her emotions. She is accompanied by the dancer Yukio Ouellet while Daniel Marcoux composed and interpreted the soundtrack.

Christian Messier (Québec)

Inspired by the etymology and the complex meaning of the word extasy, Christian Messier staged several attempts to stand outside himself. The performance Ex-stas was a place for original research where the intensity of the performative action went beyond the psychological limits of the artist. True to his performance practice in the tradition of “body art”, Christian Messier delivered a powerful experience for the viewer.

Admission: $ 10