Artist in residence and new theme

Paul Kawczak’s blog, here!

Folie/Culture launches its new biannual theme with the announcement of an exciting new artist in residence, Paul Kawczak. The residency will run for twelve months, starting February 28, 2019.

A new project for Folie/Culture : artist-in-residence (artiste assigné à résidence)
Paul Kawczak will create work based on our theme Walk on Eggshells!, in the form of derived objects, commentaries, critiques, and various other supplements. The artist will not be tied to a predetermined production site during the residency, but will be provided with support and promotion throughout the year.

He’s never going to fit in anywhere, Paul Kawzcak. It’s totally obvious.
Paul Kawczak [kavzak] left his continent and his country, putting 5000 kilometres of water between himself and his past. So what does Paul do now? Basically, he appears to be a fool, trying to build his life however he can. He creates. He writes books: he has two under his belt (L’extincteur adoptif, Moult Éditions, 2015, and Un long soir, La Peuplade, 2017). He also had a founderground (both underground and foundered) career as a singer. It didn’t quite work out, but the spiritual energy was strong ( He’s done some drawing; he plans to return to that someday. At some point, he started to do performances, which are something like actual fake conferences: moments of speaking and exchange, very broadly construed.

A new theme: Walk on Eggshells!
Folie/Culture aims to explore the new censorship fostered by a humanity that fears itself. This is a time of dulling all edges, smiling wanly at confrontation, issuing condemnation a priori and banishing humanity’s darkest and most secret dimensions even further into the darkness.

“Walk on eggshells” is a prohibition against existence for those whose task it is to shape, by feel, the elusive beast of human becoming—namely, for researchers, artists, and philosophical engineers, with or without mental health problems. The energy required for this precarious walk negates all other possibilities. The undertaking is self-absorbing, and every action entails erasure. This forced march acts as a harness, abolishing any possibility of becoming-other. We are imprisoned in the immediate, without hope of escape. Just imagine the impact on those who must navigate the torments of unstable mental health.

From February 28 to March 31, 2019, be on high alert, because Paul Kawczak will be bringing a touch of madness to the Mois de la poésie.