En passant

November 20th to 22th 2008


Location: In the store windows of 210 Charest Boulevard East
From Noon to Midnight

Participant: Fannie Giguère

During Vidéaste recherché•e, Folie/Culture presented the research work of video artist Fannie Giguère. In a store window, passersby were able experience an interactive video, like a window into the imagination, a distant horizon – contrasting with the city – which left room for escape. This video was intended as an opening onto the world that surrounds us at the present time, passing through reminiscent landscapes, which countered the side effects of… the city.

On Saturday, November 22, beginning at 2 p.m. the public was invited to a guided tour of the exhibition Vidéaste recherché•e, ending up for a Happy Hour with Fannie Giguère at Méduse, at 210 Charest Boulevard East.

Fannie Giguère lives and works in Québec where she is actively involved in the arts. She has presented several video installations in group exhibitions in Québec and Montréal. In addition, she has directed a short film as well as video productions for community and arts organizations of Québec.

Collaborations : PECH, Vidéaste recherché•e, La Bande Vidéo, and LA CHAMBRE BLANCHE