Through and through the shop window – Extended Performances

September 25–28, 2014
Photo : Idra LabriePhoto : Idra LabriePhoto : Idra LabriePhoto : Idra Labrie
Extended performances
September 25–28, 2014
222 Rue Saint-Joseph Est

Multi-Venue Opening
Thursday, September 25, 2014, at 5 pm
Starting at the Gabrielle-Roy Library
(350 Rue Saint-Joseph)

Hugo Nadeau and Julie Bernier spent four days locked behind the shop windows at 222 Rue Saint-Joseph Est. One sought to isolate himself; the other engaged in a dynamic, open dialogue. As in a zoo, it was difficult to tell who the real observer was, since through the shop window, the observer is always observed.

Julie Bernier (Chicoutimi) / Se mettre en vitrine / 72-hour performance
Ensconced behind the window of 222 Rue Saint-Joseph Est, Julie Bernier listened to the secrets of anonymous passersby. A 24-hour hotline opened communication with the public, enabling spectators to confide in the artist at any time, for as long as they wanted, thus forging an intimate relationship with the artist.

Hugo Nadeau (Montreal) / Nous Aurons Québec / 72-hour performance
As part of his research on apocalyptic imagination, Hugo Nadeau, immersed himself in a radical experiment by continuously playing a video game of his own design: Nous Aurons Québec (We Will Have Quebec). The speculative project presents the dystopic future that could await us after the disasters we all fear, such as environmental devastation, have actually occurred.