Le Dispensaire Folie/Culture

May 15th to 18th 2007
Place: Parvis de l’Église St-Roch

Participant(s): Mélanie Bédard, Johanne Chagnon, Mario Duchesneau, Éric Létourneau.

The city is a “cultural milieu” where the unimaginable evils that develop can only be treated with the most daring interventions. Le Dispensaire Folie/Culture promoted bush medecine for our urban jungles where the caregivers were neither doctors nor nurses, but rather artists, who, just like the shamans, took care of troubles using ritual practices.

To bring this adventure to term, Folie/Culture recruited four general practitioners of art
– Mélanie Bédard, Johanne Chagnon, Mario Duchesneau and Éric Létourneau. They offered fringe medicine through the occupation of the square in front of the St. Roch Church in order to provide metaphorical remedies to the urban soul.

These artistic actions with a curative objective spread out over the city and discovered new points of convergence between artistic action and mental health. Through its holistic vision and cathartic effect, Le Dispensaire Folie/Culture proposed a dissident approach to technological medicine that persists in seeing the body as the result of mechanistic determinism.