Désanimés 2

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
An evening of screenings and animated GIF auction
WEDNESDAY, MAY 10, 2017, 5:00 PM

At La Chambre Blanche, 185 Rue Christophe-Colomb Est, Quebec City
Free admission

Folie/Culture was pleased to present Désanimés 2, an evening of screenings showcasing the work completed at the Video Creation Workshop and the Animated GIF Creation Workshop.

Minute Vidéo Folie/Culture 2017 on POST- :

Pierre Blache (Wentworth-Nord), Mathieu Brèthes (France), Alexandre Demard (Québec), Patrick Demazeau (France), Gabriel Fortin (Shipshaw), Jean-François Brochu (Québec), Maxime Girard et Géraldine Rondeau (Québec), Annabelle Guimond Simard (Québec), Pierre Leichner (Vancouver), Marc Maltais (Jonquière), Arzhel Prioul (France), François Quévillon (Montréal), et Nicolas Rivard (Montréal).

Animated GIFs:

Denis Belleau, Juliane Charbonneau, Michel Viger et Marc-Émile Vigneault (Vigno)

The evening ended with an animated GIF auction, hosted by none other than Michel Marcoux, where audience members could purchase their favourite GIFs.