Regurgitation and other marvels of excess

May 23, 2019

Folie/Culture was more than pleased to announce the launch, under a hail of tomatoes and jeers, of its event under the heading Regurgitation and other marvels of excess. This moment, which was a gush of blunders and was painted with the colours of the rainbow, took place May 23 at 5 p.m. at La Korrigane. In collaboration with Inter, art actuel, this event invited you to explore the frontiers between restraint and excess.


On the menu:

  • The launch of the 132 issue of the magazine Inter, art actuel, titled La disparition de l’exception artistique
  • The launch of John Boyle Singfield’s book, L’artiste de Schrödinger
  • The projection of Folie/Culture Minute Vidéo on the theme Walk on Eggshells!
  • And finally, the wackiest open mic hosted by Paul Kawczak, our artist-in-residence!


Hence, Folie/Culture recommended to anyone wanting to be part of the open mic to practice their vocalizations thoroughly and to brace themselves, because we did not hesitate to break many an egg if only to make of this evening the most cascading omelette.


Artists of the Minute vidéo Folie/Culture 2019:  Stéphane Billot,  Isabelle Crespo Rocha, Valerie Asiimwe Amani, Paul Kawczak, Catherine Arseneault, Patrick Demazeau, Alexandre Demard, Sébastien Goyette-Cournoyer, Olivier Ricard, Lucas Blais-Gamache, Danick Lizotte, Anne-Marie Cardin, Marjorie Pedneault, Mathieu P. Lapierre, Geneviève Roy, Jean-François Brochu, Philip Gagnon, Douglas Scholes, Roland Wegerer, Laurence Gravel, Bruno Lefebvre, Max Provenzano, Isabelle Le Gouic.

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