Cellules – Vous êtes ici

March 26th to April 27th, 2003
Place: Théâtre Les Gros Becs

Participant(s): Christine St-Maur.

The collective creation of an imaginary bedspread, Cellules — Vous êtes ici, was made at school workshops with the artist Christine St-Maur and more than 700 high school students from the Québec City region. The objective of this project was to initiate young people to contemporary art through the making of a collective work, through the exploration of exchanges, and through a social commitment that would lead to their taking a place in the world. The idea of this research was to craft a huge bedspread with cells from little plastic bags containing unique objects chosen or made by the participants.

Christine St-Maur was loosely inspired by, among others, the characters and places in the play, Desert Dream. The artist invited youth to sketch out an imaginary trip, a sketch influenced by the others. This voyage written out on a postcard took the youth on a journey through themselves in order to evaluate their present, and invited them to reach out to a stranger, to reach out to difference. The artist used this metaphor to communicate the idea that the encounters that we have influence the route we take and that we all need each other. It was also used to illustrate the isolation lived by certain people.

Cellules was an original idea by the artist, Giorgia Volpe.
Collaboration: Les Gros Becs