Carrefour dément

May 25, 2012
Artistic intervention
At the intersection of Dorchester and St-Joseph Est, Québec

On May 25, 2012, Folie/Culture intruded into the urban machine and invited you to participate in Carrefour dément, an artistic intervention presented at the intersection of Dorchester and St-Joseph Est in Québec City.
The urban intersection is a relentless machine, a motion controller which affects the movement of crowds. Every minute a ritual is played out where movement is determined in an unlikely harmony. And the accidental occurs all the time. The machine goes haywire, because those who use it are just not machines.
The time for the intervention was calculated by the tick tock of the walk light:
20 seconds, 30 seconds, 45 seconds. The Folie/Culture team chose to take over these short periods of time to ensure the triumph of the pedestrian through a series of “grandiose” actions interspersed with car traffic and light signals that are insensitive to human error. This intersection in the Saint-Roch district became a field for heightened experimentation on the place of humans in urban mechanics.
The fragile balance between cars and humans is focused at a single spot where the cohabitation of unequal forces meets. What form can this encounter take in which two opposing systems with differing goals meet? Two times, two functions, two intentions: strolling is the goal, the slowing down and speeding up, animal force and the hum of the engines … An intersection where Folie/Culture moved forward, as always, on the edge of risk.
Welcome to pedestrians of all kinds … and watch out for the machines!

See the video

This event was part of the satellite activities of the Manif d’art 6.