Cahier Folie/Culture # 7– Sold out!

Des idées reçues

During short residencies in lithography at the Engramme workshop, 76 artists were invited to produce a drawing around the theme of the generally accepted ideas about madness that are conveyed in our society. Made on lithographic stones, the works were then printed on facial tissue paper, and assembled with the written texts into little packets “la collection Des idées reçues – Cahier Folie/Culture no 7”, which oscillated between two preconceived worlds, and two worlds of the generally accepted. Meant at the same time to create awareness and to question the value that we give to the individual in our society, the collection also examines the value that we attribute to art works.

2000, 22.5 cm x 22 cm
8 sections of 11 cm. x 6 cm. x 2 cm.
Plastic package, 11 cm. x 11 cm. x 6 cm.
72 lithographs, b/w, printed on kleenex including those by J. Alloucherie, BGL,
F. Chevalier
16 texts by authors including M.-Ê. Jean, C. Martel, M. Renaud