Cahier Folie/Culture n°11– Sold out!


Cahiers Folie-Culture are formally audacious, original publications broadly in the tradition of artist’s books. For this 11th edition, in 2016, the team created a typically atypical object guaranteed to brighten up the most routine aspect of your daily life.

Many thanks to the 27 visual and literary artists who contributed:

Marie-Pier April, Christian Barré, Patrick Beaulieu, Soufia Bensaïd, Charles-Étienne Brochu, Emmanuel Chieze, Isabelle Clermont, Patrick Demazeau, Camille Deslauriers, Cécile De Verneuil, Elsa Ferry, Christyna Fortin, Julie Fournier-Lévesque, Marie-Claude Gendron, Annabelle Guimond Simard, Céline Huyghebaert, Roselyn Le Cours, Le Phare Source d’entraide, Danick Lizotte, Constant Ludens, Marc Maltais, André Marceau, Kareen Martel, Anna Jane McIntyre, Sylvie Nicolas, and Maude Pilon.

This year’s contributors shared their reflections on normality with singular contributions highlighting the constant shifts and flux involved in our consensual quotidian state. For the Cahier, the artists found ways to take the blandest aspects of our daily lives and make them joyfully ostentatious.