Ça va pas la tête !

March 24th, 2006
Place: Chez Jos Côté

Participant(s): José Acquelin, Pierre-André Arcand, Sandra Belzil, Andrée Bilodeau, Stéphane Boulianne, Jean-Paul Daoust, D. Kimm, André Lachance, Alain Larose, Frank Martel, Sylvie Nicolas, Jocelyn Robert.

With Ça va pas la tête !, Folie/Culture proposed a multi-disciplinary evening around the theme of pathology of the living, which underlined the current tendency to consider all human activities, even the most banal, as anomalies, as illnesses, or at the very least, as erratic behaviours. From several regions of Québec, Ça va pas la tête ! brought together ten people who had been diagnosed as “artists”, with several symptoms of creation-literary, poetic, auditory, corporal, choreographic, videographic, and musical.

Through this recital presented in a commercial space, we wanted to modify the usual staging and inverse the process. The artists were set up at different points in the space. It was no longer the poets who moved on the stage, but the public that went to them. We found it interesting to have the spectators wander through the poets’ imaginary meanderings, while at the same time suggesting to them a complex route made up of stops, rests, departures, and hesitations…