Blogueurs en captivité – Québec / Montréal / Saguenay (digital version)

September 11, 2015
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Blogueurs en captivité - Québec/Montréal/SaguenayBlogueurs en captivité - Québec/Montréal/SaguenayBlogueurs en captivité - Québec/Montréal/Québec
Blogueurs en captivité – Québec / Montréal / Saguenay throws light on three artistic interventions based on the theme of alienation presented by Folie/Culture in three Québec cities in 2013 and 2014. During each of these interventions, two artists, enclosed in plexiglass cages set up in a public space, were invited to create a blog over three consecutive days.

Authors : Anne-Marie Bouchard /// André C. Drainville /// Daniel Canty /// Jean-Rémi Dionne

Abundantly illustrated, the work presents the writing of the artists Adam Bergeron (Québec), Martin Dufrasne (Montréal), Sarah L’Hérault (Québec), Stéfanie Tremblay (Saguenay), Alain-Martin Richard (Québec) and Karen Elaine Spencer (Québec) as seen through the eyes of four different authors. These authors – art historian, sociologist, writer and political scientist – share unpublished texts on the alienation associated with information technologies and social media and propose an original interpretation of the works conceived by the artists. Moreover, each of the artists presents a short text that discusses their experience as a blogger in captivity.

Are we all alienated? Or, at least, are we all, individually, alienated from someone? Is our relationship with information technology both alienating and enriching? Are some forms of alienation more acceptable than others? If so, does this social acceptability make our alienation, which is sometimes voluntary and sometimes imposed, more comfortable? With Bloggers in Captivity Folie/Culture intended to take the pulse of a certain globalized and mediatised madness.

Sale Price of the digital version (PDF format) : 10,00 $
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The publication is also available at those bookstores :

Québec : librairie Laliberté, librairie Pantoute, Coop Zone and at l’OEil de Poisson.

Lévis : Regart, artist-run centre

Montréal : librairie FORMATS, librairie Le Port de tête and at the centre Clark bookstore

Saguenay : librairie Point de suspension (centre Bang)

2015, 19 x 24 cm
96 pages with 41 pages of color photographs
ISBN : 978-2-9804679-7-4

10 $