Beaucoup de bruit pour voir, encore

Works produced at the introductory workshop to audio art in 2012.

In the fall of 2012, for the second time, Folie/Culture offered a workshop in collaboration with Avatar and La Chambre Blanche; participants were able to learn about audio art and live a truly creative experience. Animated by artist Érick d’Orion, the workshop was an introduction to work on computer and turntable as well as with recording and sound processing.

The pieces created at this workshop were put together in an audio publication called Beaucoup de bruit pour voir, encore. You can listen to these original pieces created by Denis Belleau, Rémi Blais, Mélanie Caron, Alexandre Demard, Martyne Méthot and Lucie Riou.

They can be downloaded for free at :

As a bonus, you can also find Arizona prise 2, a piece by Mélissa Simard.