Appel de propositions

Video Initiation Workshop 2011

January 11th, 2011
Folie/Culture invites all comers — recognized artists or not, members, close family and friends, and workers from the social milieu— to participate in a unique thought-provoking experience: to make a minute-long video on the theme Bring Out Your Dead. Whether we are referring to interior deaths, those that live within us and smother us completely, or those that are ex-corpus, but embarrassing nonetheless, and that we would like to forget, we need to question ourselves about those piled up cadavers, our reeking melancholy, and our painful manias. It is an invitation both individual and collective to self-criticism, to atonement, and to emotional cleansing.

The selected minutes will be presented in a public place at an evening during 2011.

In order to participate, just create a video clip — fiction, documentary, art video — in a continuous single plan around the theme Bring out your Dead.

Please note:
No sound or video editing is allowed;
Only original music will be accepted.
Formats : MiniDV, CD, or Data DVD
File type: .mov or uncompressed.avi

Deadline :
March 31, 2011

Mail your video, including your coordinates (name and family name, complete mailing address, telephone number and email address) to the following address:

La Minute vidéo Folie/Culture
281, rue De Saint-Vallier Est
Québec (Québec) G1K 3P5

For more information :
Émilie Roi, 418-649-0999 or