Appel de propositions

Call for Proposals : From One Side of the Glass to the Other 2013

September 6, 2013
Folie/Culture, whose mission is to solicit reflection on questions related to mental health through unusual artistic research, invites you to push your own limits and submit your wildest proposals. Are you a professional artist or an artist collective? Are your ideas surprising, extravagant, indomitable? We could fall under their charms! With its open mandate, Folie/Culture favours pluridisciplinarity, but is also sensitive to all artistic practices.

We invite you to send in your proposals for projects from all disciplines on the theme From One Side of the Glass to the Other before September 6.

Since Alice, the glass is no longer an obstacle, but a membrane for transition and passage. But this membrane contains in itself a strange dynamic that changes the world and the perception we have of it, depending on which side of the window we stand. In hospitals, the glass cages are antivirus spaces, closed in places that nevertheless condemn everybody therein. In shops, windows separate contemplative aesthetes from compulsive consumers. In homes, they are protections from the storm, yet at the same time invitations to explore risk.

In a real or symbolic exchange, it marks a split with the world, first of all as a dichotomy: inclusion / exclusion; intimacy / extimacy; mad / not mad; attending staff / patients, and so on. But depending on the effects of light, the window contains images that are reflections of each position in function of the angle of perception, thereby destroying the separation with the world from a binary point of view. If I can go from one side to the other, I can also change my understanding of each world. Thus, according to my place on one side or the other of the window, what power do I have, what becomes of my autonomy when I am suddenly alienated and confined to a function that is proper to each side of the window? Because in real life, the mad and non-mad coexist; objects of trade are mythologized in the windows, but also lie around in dumps; artists and non-artists rely on similar sensibilities in their relationship to the aesthetic experience.

The selection of projects will be made in the fall of 2013, and the projects chosen will be presented during the 2014-15 year. Please note that we do not have a set venue for presentation, nor production and distribution equipment, which obliges us to collaborate closely with other groups, and to reinvent the way we present our work.

Your file must contain:
-a résumé;
-a short bio;
-a description of your project;
-a description of your artistic practices;
-a CD or DVD of recent works (maximum of 10);
-as well as a pre-stamped envelope.

Send your projects by post to the following address:

Comité de programmation Folie/Culture
281, rue De Saint-Vallier Est, Québec (Québec) G1K 3P5


By Internet via a Drop Box link to the following address :

For more information :
Marie-Pier April, 418-649-0999 or