A beau […] qui vient de loin

October 23 and 24, 2013
Sarah Smith (Crédit photo : Idra Labrie) Mathieu Bohet (Crédit photo : Idra Labrie)Sarah Smith (Photo : Idra Labrie)Željka Jović (Crédit photo : Idra Labrie)
presented by
Art Nomade, Folie/Culture and l’Œil de Poisson
In the main gallery at l’Œil de Poisson
580, côte d’Abraham
Free entrance

Folie/Culture and l’Œil de Poisson were associated with Art Nomade in presenting A beau […] qui vient de loin , two evenings of performance that brought together five artists from diverse backgrounds :
Bohet Mathieu (France), Željka Jović (France/Bosnia), Boris Nieslony (Germany), Sarah Smith (Québec) and Jacques Van Poppel (Netherlands).

l’Œil de Poisson presented :

Boris Nielsony and Jacques Van Poppel
Jacques Van Poppel and Boris Nieslony met for the first time in Hamburg in March 1981. Shortly after, they began to work together on projects in performance at artistic encounters and group experimentations. They have worked on several projects such as Das Konzil, ASA, Die Schwarze Lade as well as in the famous group Black Market International. They have done duo performances under the name of Van Poppel / Nieslony since 1985 and since 1997 under the name of Team Traum in der Auszeit (TraumDuo).

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Folie/Culture presented :

Continuing its reflections on alienation, Folie/Culture invited artists to work on its annual theme: Alienated of the world, unite!

Mathieu Bohet
Approaching performance from the point of how narrative metamorphoses, Mathieu Bohet’s work deals with notions of psychology concerning the construction of the self through archetypal figures.

Željka Jović
Željka Jović’s work deals with relationships between unconscious and conscious energy, especially the positive inner energy that moves a person. Her current artistic research focuses on the different ways energy is expressed across cultures.

Sarah Smith, invited artist by Folie/Culture
An emerging artist from Québec, Sarah Smith creates by intuition or instinct. Her concerns are with the physical representation of a psychological reality; with sensuality, she turns the inside out and shows us the bowels.

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Art Nomade is an event produced by Bang centre d’art actuel, Saguenay.