Vidéos et vin chaud

From February 6 to 16, 2014
2014-02-06VideoetVinChaud1Vidéos et vin chaudVidéos et vin chaudVidéos et vin chaud


Launched on Thursday, February 6, 2014 at 5 p.m.
In the windows of the Sherpa building – 130, boulevard Charest Est

In collaboration with Sherpa, Folie/Culture presented Vidéos et vin chaud, a happy-hour of sights and sounds which brought together short films from the Folie/Culture’s introductory workshop on video animation as well as La Minute vidéo 2013. The screenings took place in the window of the Sherpa building and continued until Sunday, February 16.

In the first part of the evening, Folie/Culture presented Aliénations-Unies. This was created by Ricardo Savard who edited experiments performed at the video animation workshop in January 2013. Recalling the theme “Alienated of the world unite!” participants took part in a writing workshop given by author Isabelle Forest, and then experimented with stop motion animation in the company of video artist Ricardo Savard.

Later, Folie/Culture screened La Minute Vidéo Folie/Culture 2013. On the program were short films selected following a public call by the organization. The compilation featured one-minute videos from Carol-Ann Belzil Normand (Québec), Annie Brunette and Co. (Montréal), Gabriel Fortin (Chicoutimi), Marie-Claude Gendron (Montréal), Myriam Jacob-Allard (Montréal), Marie-Josée Pinard (Saint-Paulin), Kathleen Reichelt (Toronto), Ricardo Savard (Québec) and Benjamin Yakovian (Israel) around the chosen theme: Alienated of the world, unite!

A concept with a strong historic connotation, alienation is nevertheless a fiercely contemporary idea. To mental alienation ― a psychic break between the “alienated” and the world ― is added social alienation where the individual is often stripped of his own will, stripped even from the world. A nod to Marx’s call to the proletariat, the theme chosen by Folie/Culture set out to unite the alienated from every country.

Vidéos et vin chaud − a happy hour that tickled the ear and pleased the eye! The projection was held outdoors, so participants had to dress warmly. Afterwards, coffee and mulled wine were offered to warm the participants up.

Screening time: 25 minutes 24 seconds

For more information: 418-649-0999